Blocked drain

Are you having trouble with a blocked drain inside your house?

Is your kitchen sink blocked, needing to unblock your shower drain or is sewer waste coming up through your drain? TPS Plumbing and Gas are your  Campbelltown plumber to call when your facing blocked drains and need them cleared fast.

With CCTV Technology and powerful jet plasters and drain clearing machinery our team of friendly and efficient licenced plumbers are the number one local Campbelltown plumber to call to clear out blockages from sinks, basins or even bath tubs that may be blocked with grease, food waste, hair or build up.

Signs that your drain may be blocked

Try to think of your sewer and water drainage system in your home similar to the configuration of a tree and its branches. There is always a main line that is usually bigger in diameter, with typically smaller sublines that run off it. While the bathroom and toilet are probably the most common places for blockages to initiate, they can start, build and disrupt the service in and from any area within your homes drainage system.

A blockage can build up and lodge itself anywhere within your pipes, but using analysis will help eliminate the possibilities and assist to locate where or what may be causing your blocked drain. You will most commonly notice issues arise within your home that will assist with pinpointing the problem affects. If a part of the water or sewer main is blocked, the issue likely impacts the drainage for the entire house or building. If something has built up or is clogged in one of the smaller subline drain pipes, these issues will more than likely be isolated to that one area or part of your home.

If you have recently noticed changes to the way your household plumbing is draining this could mean that there could be a blockage in your pipes. Listed below are a few common signs that your drains are blocked.

Have you noticed the water in your sink draining slower than usual?

If you notice that the water in your toilet, sink, bath or shower are draining slower than they normally do, this is usually an indication that you’ve got a blocked drain. If left unresolved blocked drains can cause major damage to your pipes and property.

Is your toilet water level rising?

Have you noticed the water in your toilet filling up every time you flush or draining slower than usual, this is most likely due to a blockage in your pipe.   Do you have sewer waste backing up through your floor waste, or your toilet overflowing, this is a sign you need to contact a plumber Immediately to determine the situation and relieve the blockage.

Drains smelling or making noises

If air is trapped inside your drain pipes due to a blockage, your toilet and drains  may begin to make a ‘gurgling noise‘ as the air tries to escape and drain. If you notice strong odors coming from your drain, this could also be a sign that there is something clogged in your drain pipe. If you notice these signs around your home it is best to contact a plumber before your drains start backing up inside your house.

Five common causes of blocked drains

1. Fat, Oil and Grease Build up –  When fats oils and grease are poured down sinks and drains they often linger inside your pipes, solidifying and create a build up leading to blockages. It is best to dispose of these oils and fats into the garbage instead of pouring down your drains.

2. Tree roots – Tree roots are widely known as the most common cause to large blockages in sewer and water pipes. A common sign of tree root blockage may be hearing a ‘gurgling noise’ as your sink or toilet drains.

3. ‘Flushable’ Wipes – While they are marketed as ‘flushable’ these wipes do not break down in your pipes and sewer the same way as toilet paper and quite often lead to blockages in your pipes.

4. Hygiene Products –  Flushing hygiene products such as pads or tampons down the toilet is a big no, no. These products are not biodegradable and will not break down in the sewer, they will often get lodged in pipes and create a build up. Paper towel, tissue and light cardboard or paper materials are also not designed to be flushed down toilets as they will not breakdown and will cause your drains to become blocked.

5. Hair – Whilst hair may sneak into our drains unintentionally, it does have the ability to build up and accumulate, creating slow drainage or complete blockage of your pipe. It is recommended that you clear hair out of shower grates and sinks instead of flushing them down your drains.